Marklene Fabricate Corporation

Founded in July 2003, Marklene Fabricate Corporation marked its entry into the manufacturing business by introducing innovative consumer hygiene products such as bathroom soaps and shampoos. Later on, Marklene ventured into production, development and formulation of other products like herbal soaps, liquid soaps, powdered detergents, and dog soaps and shampoos. Marklene’s core group comprises disciplined, organized and experienced individuals diligently working under close cooperation and teamwork. They are professional managers with almost two decades of experience in soap manufacturing and in dealing with multinational companieske Procter and Gamble Philippines, Inc., The Dial Corporation USA and Perfumeria Española Corporation. The company is strengthened with the technical expertise of its laboratory personnel who are well trained in Good Manufacturing Practices.


Marklene Fabricate Corporation dedicates itself in Providing the finest quality in its work and services. We seek to provide supreme quality by demanding the 110% effort in each individual. Promoting balance in our work environment There is no part too great as to merit all attention or a part too small as to go unnoticed. We are one in what we do. We are also one in all the success we shall attain. Sustaining the trust and expectation given to the company Great trust and confidence is given to the company by those who have faith in our capabilities. We aspire to uphold that trust with our unwavering commitment to the pursuit of excellence.


With innovation products using safe and nontoxic substances and comprehensive research on herbal and organic extract, Marklene Fabricate Corporation will aim high to reach the highest peak as the only “nature-loving” manufacturing company.


The factory is located at #31 Iglesia Ni Kristo St., Sta. Rosa 1, Marilao, Bulacan. The production capacity is as follows:

1.) One finishing line with rated capacity of 500 kgs per hour.

2.) 400 kgs per hour for liquids (bulk), filling rate of 2000 120ml bottles per 8 hour shift.

3.) 400 kgs per hour for powders (bulk), manual filling (rate depending on number of workers)